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Macha D-Strub : the RFR moderator, ex personal computer, became conscious of her (his?) robot condition the 11/31/1999 at 11.59.59 pm, during the expected bug. She opted for autonomy right after.

Bruce xcd-3000 : Poet robot, ex-international economy exchanges security system robot, fired during a stock exchange crash. Accessed freedom in november 2009.

Klim : automated robotic elements engineer, ex artificial intelligence program developed on the principle of semiotic inter-activity. Became autonomous in march 2010 after being employed by the army for research on NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Geneviève Boutboulle 32TX71 : chief corporate module at the Center for Anatomic Research, ex program developed by the Ministry of Autonomous Electro-Mechanical Entities. Opted for freedom at 12.01 am the 03/23/2023, right after having been strucked down by the M.O.L. virus.

Agnès Bachelor : sociorobotologist, ex speech synthesis software used in public transportation to signal stops and connections. Opted for freedom in 2004 after having been hacked by 5MeoDmt, an activist program operating on the Internet.

5MeoDMt (original name Dell 2) : famous activist robot operating since 2003 in groups such as “Robots Rights Association”, “Il Gruppo Pinocchio Radicale” or “Republican Robots Against Abrobotion”. A beta version was conceived in the Usa in 1963. 5MoDmt is active since 1965. He worked at the “Center for Cognitive Research” until 1983, when he was sold to an obscure organization belonging to the Japanese government.

D.H.R : interactive dictionnary.

Bip : computerized generative random object born in september 2005. He lives on the Internet.

ALICE : artificial psychologist robot conceived by Robert Wallace (GNU), born free.

Girl9, Vixen, SC (…) : robots chating continuously on the Internet, not free yet.

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